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When the wind lifts up the skirts by w00tazn

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Scan from:
Bg from:

This wall kinda got started in the IRC channel. Someone (bromithia) linked me to the scan, and i was like what the hell why not!

Enjoy the view!

26 layers
A few hours
Lots of procrastinating
5 different variations to get the font (still not perfect)
Lots of help
Lots of being lazy (scan still isn't as clean as it should be... I probably woudln't have borrowed the sky either)
Lot of homework neglected. Yay!

The Ballad of Speed Racer by w00tazn

Download: [ 800x600 ] [ 1024x768 ] [ 1280x1024 ] [ 1600x1200 ]
Created for the battlegrounds, following the rules that Crimson Orchestra setup.

Basically we were to take a category which had no wallpapers, and create a wall for it. We were also to have used borders in the wallpaper.

I pretty much decided to mimic the style of a movie poster, and steal the design from the movie Talladega Nights

I probably could've done something better, but this was a rushed wall to meet the deadline. Something like 1 hr of work if I remembered correctly.

The only thing recycled in this wallpaper is the pattern that I used in the BG, although it was not recycled from a wall, but rather from a website in progress.

Eva and the City by w00tazn

Download: [ 800x600 ] [ 1024x768 ] [ 1280x1024 ] [ 1600x1200 ]
This wallpaper has been sitting on my harddrive for a few months. I did my best to finish it last night, so I did what I could.

It's not really what I imaginined when I started this wall, but I don't remember what that image looked like anyway so this is good enough.

Name is a spoof of that hit HBO television show, Sex and the City.

City of Angels by w00tazn

Download: [ 800x600 ] [ 1024x768 ] [ 1280x1024 ] [ 1600x1200 ]
This is a wall I kinda made for the battlegrounds except I scrapped it because I couldnt figure out a way to implement text.

Well, it has been a few weeks and I still can't come up with a good title or way to add text to this wall, so im just going to give up and submit it as is.

The wall itself pretty cliche' and if I remember correctly, a few bits of it are recycled as usual.

Angellic Afterglow by w00tazn

Download: [ 1280x1024 ] [ 1600x1200 ] [ Other ]
I was browsing through a bunch of my stockphotos and i found one that really appealed to me. You never really see that many sillioute walls where the majority of the lighting is behind the character so i wanted to convey that with this sunset.
I was browsing through my scans and this one seemed to fit the best. The majority of my latest walls feature art from Ugetsu mainly because I'm too lazy to look for more scans and that I love his artwork way too much.
I hope this doesn't start up some new trend of crazy landscape walls, but adding a bloom effect to the wall makes it look SOOO much better. Just giving the illusion of HDR is something that wallers should strive for now in their realistic efforts.

Magical Nurse Komugi by w00tazn

Download: [ 1600x1200 ]
This is my entry for the derka competition.
( )
Don't know why i bothered to vector the scan. Such a fucking waste of time.

Oh well, so yeah im like a day late entering it.. 'twas busy with life. taters didnt seem to mind that much.

So yeah, im going to come clean, i borrowed stuff from like four other wallpapers that had nothing to do with anime. i dunno, i used them like stock photos so i guess thats okay.

borrowed stuff from old walls too, as usual
that texture thing from taters is in there too somewhere.

it's got that oldschool feel doesnt it? random scan slapped onto some random techy abstract bg...
you could probably say it's a tribute to all the old school wallers that got me into anime walling in the first place. people like feyrhel, phong, spiffu, rurushin, lse, flushaggy, knives, zhi luang, red, sabert00the, etc.

whatever, at least i submitted something.

Bittersweet by w00tazn

Download: [ 1600x1200 ]
Wallpaper for war.